Scrapin’ by: Traffic volume, delays growing on U.S. 90

Heavy, slow-moving Scrapin’ the Coast traffic on U.S. 90 is adding as much as 45 minutes to an hour to travel times, according to Police Chief John Miller, and traffic should be getting even heavier later today.

“It’s picked up considerably in the last couple of hours, especially between White Avenue and the Coliseum,” Miller said, “but the good news is that Pass Road and Irish Hill are pretty open and moving.”

The primary hold up in west Biloxi is near the Coast Coliseum. “They’re doing everything they can to move things along at the Coliseum,” Miller said, “but they can’t collect the money fast enough as people turn in, which causes a backup. There’s not much we can do about that.”

Scrapin’ the Coast, which some refer to as the edgy cousin of Cruisin’ the Coast, attracts thousands of street rods, low rides and hot rods to Biloxi for a three days. Most activity is on the grounds of the Coast Coliseum, but, as with Spring Break and Cruisin’ the Coast, vehicles travel Beach Boulevard, where spectators line the roadway with impromptu tailgate parties.

“This year, we’re seeing more property owners leasing property to people here for the show,” Miller said. “They’ve found a way to make money on it. The beach parking areas are full, and we haven’t had any major issues this year. In fact, our commander overseeing this event, Lt. Ron Lessner, says he’s seeing more of a family atmosphere this year, which is great.”

Miller urges drivers to be patient and cautious, and spectators should use crosswalks when crossing U.S. 90.

Said the police chief: “Our first priority is always to make sure everyone stays safe.”
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