Property owners reminded of trash, debris regulations

Property owners who haul trash or debris to the curb are reminded that limbs can be no larger than 5 feet long and no more than 6 inches in diameter in order for city crews to be able to remove the debris.

Otherwise, the property owner is responsible for hauling the debris to an approved landfill.

And anytime a professional tree trimmer is hired, the contractor is responsible for hauling debris to an approved landfill.

City crews and workers from Advanced Disposal have faced instances where residents have hauled huge trees limbs and tree trunks to the curb. The larger debris could damage Advanced Disposal’s compactor trucks.

Contractors hired for either demolition or construction are responsible for hauling debris and construction materials to approved landfills.

“This is a long-standing city policy,” said Community Development Director Jerry Creel, whose department is responsible for enforcing city codes. “In fact, the same policy covers all tree-trimming work as well as yard work. Tree contractors and lawn firms are responsible for hauling away tree limbs and grass clippings. That’s part of the fee they are paid by property owners.”

City codes also prohibit the sweeping of grass clippings into streets or thoroughfares, where they eventually block storm drains and clog underground drainage pipes.

Said Creel: “People who sweep grass clippings into the street are not only breaking the law, they’re going to cause flooding of their own and their neighbor’s property.”

News and notes

Council meeting: The Biloxi City Council’s next scheduled meeting is Tuesday, Oct. 2 at 1:30 p.m. in City Hall. The meeting agenda and available resolutions will be posted on the city web site Friday.

Webcasting: Gene Coleman, editor of The Bay Press, hosts the weekly “City Desk” program, which was taped Sept. 20, days after the council vote on the Tivoli-rezoning and days before the threat of Tropical Storm 10. To listen to the 19-minute program, click here.