Popp’s Ferry traffic lanes shift Friday

Southbound motorists in construction areas of Popp’s Ferry Road will be using new temporary lanes of traffic Friday morning and shortly after lunchtime, all traffic will be using the newly paved and stripped lanes as widening begins on Phase 2B of Popp’s Ferry Road – from the Margaret Sherry library to Jam Lane.

The Popp’s Ferry project is scheduled to be the focus of a WLOX-TV report tonight at 6 o’clock.

The work is part of the city’s multi-million dollar effort to improve the flow of traffic on Popp’s Ferry Road, a major entrance into the western end of the city and a connector between Pass Road and Interstate 10.

Construction on Phase 2A, from the causeway to Margaret Sherry Library, has been underway since June and has remained on schedule. As part of that $3.9 million phase, contractors also built the temporary lane from the causeway to Jam Lane to provide a safe environment for construction workers and help traffic flow smoothly and safely.

The 2B phase that begins Friday includes contracts totaling more than $3.2 million and involving five local contractors, which is being overseen by W.G. Yates Construction Co. as part of the city’s construction management program.

Both projects – covering from the causeway to Jam Lane – are expected to be completed by November 2004 and will link to a $3.8 million section from Jam Lane to Cedar Lake Road that was widened and opened to traffic in April, almost five months ahead of schedule.

To see the planned phasing of the Popp’s Ferry Road area traffic improvement project, click here.