Police to allow I-110 loop access at Porter

Motorists in Biloxi looking to cross the I-110 bridge may be able to avoid congestion on Division Street and Howard Avenue starting Wednesday afternoon at 2:30, when Biloxi Police will allow drivers to access U.S. 90 at Porter Avenue and travel eastward to the I-110 loop.

The U.S. 90 access at Porter will allow motorists to only travel to the I-110 loop; all other areas of U.S. 90 remain closed, except for emergency and hurricane-recovery workers.

Biloxi Police Chief Bruce Dunagan said he is also working with Keesler officials in an attempt to open the base’s Judge Sekul gate, which would reduce Keesler traffic on Irish Hill Drive.

“We’re continuing to work to keep traffic moving,” Dunagan said, “but the biggest thing is that people need to remain patient, give themselves plenty of time and carpool when they can. We’ll get through this, but it’s going to take a little while.”

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New video of troops landing on Biloxi beach

You can see video of one of the military’s air-cushioned water craft, known as LCACs, landing on the beach in Biloxi some weeks ago in a clip now on the Biloxi beach.

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