Police ask residents to check on elderly, vulnerable

Biloxi Police Chief Bruce Dunagan is asking residents to check on elderly neighbors or family members to make sure they are not threatened by the effects of the sweltering temperatures that have enveloped Biloxi and surrounding areas the past several days.

And, Dunagan says, if residents are unsure about the well-being of a neighbor or vulnerable person, they should contact their local law enforcement agency.

“We’re asking folks to do the neighborly thing,” Dunagan said. “You’d hope that neighbors look out for neighbors year ‘round, but in times like these, when we’re seeing deadly temperatures outside, we’re asking that people check on their elderly neighbors or those vulnerable to the elements.”

Dunagan said local law enforcement, in some cases, could serve as a conduit to help link those in need with one of several local social-service agencies.

The city is recommending those without air-conditioning or those looking to escape the outdoor heat consider visiting a public library or public recreation center.

“With the heat the way it is, our local libraries experience a higher volume of traffic this time of year,” Mayor A.J. Holloway said, “and that’s a good place to escape the heat, as long as patrons abide by the rules of behavior. This city also helps fund a number of social service agencies that can offer assistance, and we have a number of indoor recreational and other climate-controlled facilities throughout the city.”