Pelican crews move 220 tons of debris over weekend

Pelican Waste, the new trash contractor for Biloxi and other parts of Harrison County, hauled away more than 200 tons of trash and debris from Biloxi neighborhoods over the weekend, and Pelican workers are continuing to work neighborhoods in west Biloxi, even though trash day is not until the end of the week.

The 220.4 tons of debris equates to 881.6 cubic yards under FEMA’s guidelines, or 73 dump trucks of debris. Harrison County Utility Authority Director Donald Scharr said he thought a typical trash haul in Biloxi would be about 300 tons a month, meaning Pelican hauled nearly a month’s worth of debris in three days.

“Pelican Waste has committed additional resources and time to assist in the efforts to get trash materials cleaned up from our customers after the landfall of Hurricane Nate,” Scharr said of the new contractor, whose agreement began Oct. 1, days before Nate made landfall.

“We sincerely appreciate the effort and commitment to HCUA and its member agencies,” Scharr added. “As Pelican Waste moves forward with these efforts, HCUA requests the public recognize the increased volume of materials generated by the storm and its impact on the removal of these materials.”

Pelican also provides trash collection for D’Iberville, Long Beach, Pas Christian and the unincorporated areas of Harrison County. 

Any concerns about solid waste household collection services should be directed to (228) 701-9086.

About the curbside: When moving debris to the curb, please make sure to place it at least three feet from mailboxes, fire hydrants, utility poles and their guy wires, or any obstacle that could be damaged by the machinery used to scoop up debris and place it in trucks.

About the leaves: Bag any leaves you’re hauling to the curb. Bagging the leaves keeps them from blowing into the street and clogging storm drains. Additionally, the knuckle boom trucks being used to scoop up debris are not nimble enough to scoop up loose leaves.

About those Waste Pro carts: The Harrison County Utility Authority last week reported that Waste Pro, its former garbage, trash and recycling contractor, has picked up 20,000 of its original 50,000 carts, and is picking up about 1,200 carts a day. The HCUA said it wants all carts removed no later than Nov. 3.

A team effort: City of Biloxi Public Works crews are continuing to pick up storm debris throughout neighborhoods, and Parks and Recreation Department workers are working to spruce up public parks and playgrounds. 


October bills reflect new garbage, water rates

The city’s new water, sewer and garbage rates went into effect Oct. 1, which means the bills, by ordinance, carry the new rates, regardless of the service date.

The garbage fee increased to $14.33, from $12.50 a month. The fee is known as a “pass through,” meaning the amount has no city administrative fee attached and merely covers the cost of providing the service.

Although the majority of the city’s customers, those who use 5,000 gallons of water or less a month, are not seeing a change in their rate, others are asking questions about their most recent bill.

“People are curious about how the new rates went into effect,” Chief Administrative Officer Mike Leonard said. “The city ordinance says that bills that go out Oct. 1 and thereafter must reflect the new rate, even though the service may have been provided in mid-September. The fact is, we have to collect sufficient funds to pay the garbage bill that comes due to the city at the end of the month, and we apologize for any confusion this may have caused.”