Parents, caution children about homecoming mischief

    Biloxi has its homecoming football game against George County Friday, but school and city leaders are asking parents to caution their children about the penalties of the mischief often associated with homecoming.
    “It’s moved beyond the point of play,” Biloxi Public Schools Superintendent Arthur McMillan said, alluding to incidents that have included rolling of yards with toilet paper, dousing yards with Styrofoam chips, or egging vehicles or houses. “We want to avoid a situation where a parent has to pick up their child from the police station.”
    Biloxi’s Chief Administrative Officer David Nichols said the city has received complaints about homecoming-related mischief from residents already this week, and police will be patrolling neighborhoods to deter such activity.
    “It’s gotten to the point where residents view it as property damage,” Nichols said. “We don’t want to see anyone get hurt, and we especially don’t want to see anyone’s homecoming ruined. We’re asking parents to be pro-active and speak with their children to avoid anything unfortunate happening.”