On the 15th anniversary of Katrina

Here are remarks Mayor Andrew “FoFo” Gilich wrote and delivered during a ceremony today to mark the 15th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. The virtual ceremony was at the Katrina Memorial on the Biloxi Town Green and involved Gov. Tate Reeves and Biloxi State Rep. Kevin Felsher.

Welcome everyone to this ceremony marking the 15th Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, August 29, 2005.

The Good Lord always gives us what we need — grace, determination, hope — to face whatever challenges come our way. Let’s begin with that petition and a prayer.

At this time, let’s offer our thoughts, prayers and support to all of our neighbors in Louisiana and Texas as they struggle to recover from Hurricane Laura.

I can assure you and them that we will pay back the support they provided to us 15 years ago. We’re still recovering, and we’ll help them do the same.

It’s hard to describe Katrina’s impact to Biloxi and our Coast and our State. Katrina changed the entire process of our lives and business.

Today is not a remembrance of that event. Because almost every day in one way or another you will hear it. “Since Katrina.” “Pre-Katrina.” “Post-Katrina.” “Because of Katrina.”

It’s still fresh. It would be interesting to Google the number of times Katrina is mentioned in a day.

Let me express our deep appreciation to everyone who has helped — and continues to help Biloxi and our Coast in its recovery.

Let me say we were extremely fortunate to have Governor Haley Barbour at the helm of our great State. All the leaders in State and Federal levels, MEMA, FEMA, all responded to our cry for help.

Today we are extremely fortunate to have Governor Tate Reeves at the helm of Mississippi.

He has shown many times in his entire political life to be a true friend of the Coast.

He has earned our faith and trust as he plots the course through COVID-19.

Welcome Governor Tate Reeves for some comments before we place this wreath in remembrance of the victims of Hurricane Katrina.