North contract continues down home stretch

By Nick L. Shrimp

OK, it’s a dumpster fire. We get that. But there’s no denying that this massive project known as “the North Contract,” where these 55 miles of roads have been in turmoil, some would have you believe, since before construction began five years ago, is near the end.

Here’s a fact: There are only six streets awaiting their initial coat of asphalt: Parker, which is scheduled to be paved by Sept. 1, Lameuse north of Elder, Reynoir, Couevas south of Division, Forrest and Benachi.

They’re far from proclaiming “mission accomplished,” but the construction teams working north of the CSX railway say they’re getting closer and closer each day to the goal of a Thanksgiving gift to the residents, businesses and motorists in East Biloxi. All roads paved!

Says Jennifer Matranga of contractor Oscar Renda: “We’re certainly in the home stretch. Despite all the challenges our team continues to face, including working in record heat, they’re giving 100 percent every week to get this project completed. I couldn’t be more proud of them.”
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