New term brings reappointment of key positions

The Biloxi City Council on Wednesday will conduct its first meeting of the new four-term, and nearly two dozen measures before the council will involve reappoint of individuals to key city positions.

The City Hall meeting begins at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, a day after the Fourth of July holidays.

The agenda of nearly three-dozen items is dominated by measures that usher in the new terms of office, with several resolutions involving ongoing city projects and initiatives.

Councilmembers will consider electing Paul Tisdale as council president, and Kenny Glavan as council vice president.

Mayor Andrew “FoFo” Gilich is seeking reappointment of Chief Administrative Officer Mike Leonard and the city’s seven department directors: Billy Ray Allen of Public Works, John Miller of Police, Sherry Bell of Parks & Recreation, Jerry Creel of Community Development, Joe Boney of Fire, Christy LeBatard of Engineering, Kenneth McKeown of Administration, and for Legal, the firm Currie Johnson, namely managing partner Peter Abide.

Also on the agenda are reappointment of municipal court positions and municipal and council clerks.
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