New sidewalk planned between Popp’s Ferry and Hiller Park

Residents and motorists on Atkinson Road will be seeing construction of a new sidewalk to link Popp’s Ferry Road to just west of Hiller Park.

Nearly three-dozen residents who live on Atkinson Road have been notified of the upcoming work and have been invited to learn more at a community meeting on Monday, Nov.  24 at 6 p.m.  at the Donal M. Snyder Community Center  on Pass Road. Work is expected to begin in January and be completed by May, according to the city Public Works Department.

The new 5,530-foot sidewalk will be five-feet wide with a five-foot green space separating the roadway from the sidewalk. ¬†It will travel the north side of Atkinson from Popp’s Ferry Road to Woodland Park Drive then transition to the south side of Atkinson for the duration.¬† The sidewalk will link to existing sidewalks on adjacent streets¬† and several crossings will be striped along Atkinson Road.

City Public Works engineers designed the new sidewalk, and the city will provide the materials while most of the labor will be performed by county crews.  The project is valued at $180,000, but it is expected to be completed for $80,000.
See a map of the work area