New look, expansion in works for Woolmarket City Center

A new façade and expansion are in the offing for the Woolmarket City Center, where a county library and city community center opened months ago.

This month, the city will receive bids on the new façade, which will also include expanding the community center portion of the facility to include a stage and other amenities.

“This new façade, the new stage and other amenities planned on the community center side of the building will make it much more functional for user groups,” said Biloxi Mayor Andrew “FoFo” Gilich. “We’re appreciative of the county’s efforts in helping making this new facility happen, especially the expanded library.”

The county library replaced a library that had been housed in a small trailer.

The Woolmarket City Center is at 13034 Kayleigh Cove Drive.

Current look of the Woolmarket City Center
Future look of the Woolmarket City Center