New Howard Avenue sees heavy traffic

The new brick-covered section of Howard Avenue between Reynoir and Lameuse streets was a flurry of activity today, with the city testing the capacity of the new downtown roadway.

A host of city vehicles – pickup trucks, sedans, SUVs and even a huge fire truck – were positioned on the newly minted thoroughfare this morning to check capacity of vehicles for traveling, and diagonal and parallel parking before lines are installed on areas of the three-block roadway.

“It showed just what we need to show, and what I already knew,” Mayor Andrew “FoFo” Gilich said: “that a fire truck can navigate this roadway in an emergency.”

Contractors continue working on the section of Howard Avenue between Lameuse and MLK Boulevard, where a new intersection is being created to allow westbound traffic to easily travel into downtown Biloxi.

Still no word on when the new Howard Avenue will open to traffic.
See video of today’s capacity testing
See the Howard Avenue plan from Reynoir to Lameuse
A glimpse of the Howard Avenue of old 


New homes helping drive construction

Biloxi is running 35 homes and $3.1 million ahead of the residential permits issued for this time in 2017, according to numbers from the Community Development Department.

The department on Monday reported that overall construction in Biloxi is $28 million ahead of this point last year.

A breakdown on the residential numbers, Jan. 1 through Nov. 19:

2017: 119 homes, total valuation $24.8 million

2018: 154 permits, total valuation of $27.9 million
See background on construction, sales tax


News & Notes: Sign up for Christmas on the Water parades

Children’s parade: Registration is now open for the 2018 Christmas on the Water Children’s Parade. The parade takes place downtown Biloxi on Nov. 30 and is open to children in grades K-4.  Registration deadline is Nov. 28. To see the registration form and map, click here

Boat parade:  Registration is also open for the 2018 Christmas on the Water Boat Parade.  Boaters will parade their decorated boat along the Mississippi Sound on the evening of Dec. 1. Early registration ends on Nov. 26.  To see the registration form, click here.