New Biloxi schools program has the inside story

Students attending Biloxi Public Schools can earn 36 hours in college credits, they’ll also see the benefits of a new cafeteria program called “farm to school,” and they have a chance to take part in a wealth of fine arts programs in all schools in the district.

Those are the highlights of a new program about Biloxi Public Schools that made its debut on BTV this month and is showing three times a day each day in September. The program is also available 24/7 on the city’s YouTube page and is shared online.

“We think it’s very important that everyone in Biloxi knows what’s going on in Biloxi Public Schools, whether they have school-age children or not,” says Dr. Larry Drawdy, Biloxi Public Schools superintendent. “Quite frankly, we’re proud of our classroom accomplishments and the many things we have to offer, and this is another way to help the community appreciate the efforts of our students and teachers.”

Guests on the premiere are Marcus Boudreaux, principal of Biloxi High School; Kathryn Weaver, district chef for Biloxi Public Schools; and Travis Coakley, director of Fine Arts for Biloxi Public Schools.

Production of the initial TV program, which runs five minutes, is underwritten by real estate agent Lizana Munro, a Biloxi native whose Coldwell Banker office is on Popp’s Ferry Road, blocks away from Biloxi High School, North Bay Elementary School and Biloxi Junior High School.

Said Munro: “Coldwell Banker realizes the importance of having a quality school district, and when we established our office here in Biloxi we looked for opportunities to help celebrate the accomplishments of the community. Biloxi Public Schools is a huge part of the community, and we’re glad to play a role in the success.”

“Biloxi Public Schools” airs daily at 6:30 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. and at 2:30 each afternoon. The program is also on the city’s YouTube page, free and on demand, accessible through the city’s website.
Video: See the premiere episode of Biloxi Public Schools