NBC plans to air Katrina sculptures story tonight

NBC News correspondent Mark Potter says the network plans to tell a national television audience about Biloxi’s Katrina sculptures on tonight’s “NBC Nightly News.”

Potter, who filed several national stories from Biloxi in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, was in Biloxi in January to film sculptor Marlin Miller as he completed work on his 16th sculpture in Biloxi’s overall collection of 21 waterfront sculptures created from dead trees.

Potter said his story is scheduled to appear near the end of the 30-minute news program, which averages an audience of more than 10 million for each newscast. The report also will be posted on the network’s web site, msnbc.com.

“We’re certainly pleased that NBC has chosen to bring national attention to this project,” Mayor A.J. Holloway said after being interviewed by Potter in January. “We began with five sculptures, and then Marlin came along and the project really took off. It’s a great story all the way around.”

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