Myriad issues on council agenda Tuesday

A number of lingering issues – regulation of taxicabs and other vehicles for hire, better oversight on tree permits, and adjusting the city’s water, sewer and garbage rates – may be resolved by the Biloxi City Council next week.

Councilmembers, who meet Tuesday afternoon at 1:30 at Biloxi City Hall, face an agenda with measures to address all three issues. The taxicab issue has been discussed for years, since taxicab drivers began complaining about the countywide Motor Vehicle for Hire Commission. On Tuesday, councilmembers will consider a proposal being advocated by Council President Robert L. Deming III.

The water and sewer rates, which are being increased to cover the city’s cost of providing water and sewer service for Biloxi residents and businesses, will be discussed during a public workshop Tuesday morning at 10:30 at City Hall.

In another measures set for Tuesday afternoon’s meeting, the city’s monthly $10 garbage fee, which falls short of covering the expense of garbage collection, will increase to $13 a month in April, to $15 a month in April 2017 and to $16 a month in April 2018.

Another issue that has been under review for months will see a seven-member advisory group have a say in permit issues for tree removal in Biloxi. Mayor Andrew “FoFo” Gilich is proposing the measure after hearing citizens complain about the city’s oversight of permitting.
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