Monday will bring closures, schedule changes

Classes will not be in session this week at Biloxi Public Schools and a number of city facilities, including the Biloxi Natatorium and Donal M. Snyder Sr. Community Center, will be closed as well, as local leaders attempt to reduce the chance for the spread of the coronavirus.

Leaders of Biloxi Public Schools, after a request from Gov. Tate Reeves, announced over the weekend that schools would not open this week.

The city had announced on Friday, the same day that weekend events were canceled, that the Natatorium and Snyder Center, two city facilities with swimming pools and locker rooms, would be closed until further notice.

“We’ve taken some initial steps already, and we’ll be further assessing when Mayor Gilich meets with department directors Monday morning,” said Chief Administrative Officer Mike Leonard. Last week, Leonard requested department directors to consider the possible impact of school closings on their respective departments.

“We’re sensitive to our employees who have children in school,” Leonard said, “but we’re also aware that the public expects us to provide day-to-day services, which we will do. We’re all continuing to make the best decisions as more information becomes available.”

That’s the same advice for the public, says Mayor Andrew “FoFo” Gilich.

“As a city, we’re making decisions based on the best and latest information. We’re advising the public to do the same. Think of it as you would a hurricane. You prepare. You have a plan, for your family, for your home, and for your business. You have contingencies.”

Added the mayor: “An important part of any plan is listening to the advice from authorities, and then you make an informed decision, followed by the appropriate action.”
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