Mayor to the world: ‘We do not discriminate. Period.’

Mayor Andrew “FoFo” Gilich went on the record today:

Biloxi does not discriminate and is open for business and tourism and residential development to all, regardless of religion or identity.

“We do not discriminate, period,” Mayor Andrew “FoFo” Gilich said today, as he passed along to the Biloxi City Council a measure he expects the council to approve in the wake of the state of Mississippi today enacting a bill referred to as the Religious Liberty Accommodations Act.

This legislation and similar legislation passed or being considered in other states has been perceived by many across the country to be discriminatory and could result in consequences negative to our future, Gilich said.

The Biloxi resolution proposed by Gilich states: “The City of Biloxi is widely known for its cultural diversity and hospitality to all people and welcomes all citizens and visitors,” and “the City of Biloxi does not sanction or tolerate discrimination against its citizens or visitors and seeks to preserve and protect the rights of all individuals regardless of religion or identity.”
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