Mayor proposes technology upgrades for city

City employees and anyone who has encountered disruptions or slow service with the city’s email, take notice: Mayor Andrew “FoFo” Gilich is recommending new hardware to upgrade the city’s email and wireless systems.

The $856,000 in technology improvements, funded from across city departments, are one of the more than a dozen measures on the agenda for the City Council meeting Tuesday afternoon at 1:30 at Biloxi City Hall.

The technology improvements “will basically improve efficiency for city employees and the public conducting business with the city,” said Brandon Roberts, a member of the city’s three-person Information Systems Division. Improvements include moving from analog phones to an internet-based phone system, and having a dedicated Microsoft Exchange server to allow improved email service and networking among city departments. Point Cadet Marina and the Biloxi Small Craft Harbor also will get wireless internet service as part of the upgrades.

Also on the agenda Tuesday: Federal funding agreements for Moore Community House ($25,000), Open Doors Homeless Coalition ($20,520) and Gulf Coast Center for Non-Violence ($10,000); a request to Harrison County to construct a splash pad in Hiller Park and pave roads in the Bent Oaks subdivision; a Tidelands lease agreement for a parking lot at Margaritaville; and $193,000 in funding for design work for a waterfront boardwalk in East Biloxi.
See the agenda and supporting documents