Mayor dishes out project updates over Breakfast

Mayor Andrew “FoFo” Gilich had a plateful of topics for Breakfast with the Mayor this morning, from development updates to roadway work progress and project status reports.

The mayor spoke for nearly 32 minutes, away from the podium, to a Biloxi Chamber audience at the IP Casino Resort and Spa. He opened his presentation with an update on the paving of Division Street, which is near completion, followed by an announcement of a new cyber center in the works at Keesler, and that bids for the Popp’s Ferry extension work are set for later this year or early next year.

“The project ties Popp’s Ferry Road to a major U.S. highway,” Gilich said. “We are hopeful that this connectivity will give us enough recognition to designation it (Popp’s Ferry Road and bridge) as a state road that will put us in a position for some of the infrastructure money.”

Gilich added that “other than finishing Keesler (gate), that is our next priority.”

Also talked about in the presentation was a status report of developments along Popp’s Ferry Road, including the Old Winn Dixie property, Hobby Lobby, and a pickleball complex, and, along the beach, the Big Play expansion, Azteca’s Mexican Restaurant, and the Sky Zone Trampoline Park at the Edgewater Mall.

Other topics discussed were renovation work at the Saenger and the Barq’s building, and current construction projects throughout the city.
See the 32-minute presentation
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