Mardi Gras route: Tale of the tape, and the barricades and more

Joey “Moose” Miller, the Mardi Gras ramrod in the city’s Public Works Department, gave the tale of the tape during a recent meeting between city personnel and parade organizers:

When Fat Tuesday arrives on March 8, the city’s 2.7-mile parade route will feature:

— 415 traffic cones (265 four-feet tall, and 150 two-feet tall)

— 105 orange barrels

— 10 k-rails, which are heavy-duty plastic barricades normally used to block streets

— 11,000 feet of orange fencing

— 1,460 rebars, which are reinforced bars or rods used to erect fencing

— 1,000 feet of yellow caution tape

— 35 wooden barricades

— 1,850 metal barricades, which are eight feet long by four feet tall.

The route: To see a map of the parade route in downtown Biloxi,
click here.