Lighting work to begin on city streets, sidewalks

City contractors are beginning work this week on 11 sections of roads and sidewalks, and expect to have the $922,000 federally-funded project completed in about 100 days.

Contractor B&B Electrical and Utility Contractors is working on four areas initially, where more than 400 lights will be installed overall:

— U.S. 90, from west of Iberville Drive to Porter Avenue, pedestrian and sidewalk lights.

— U.S. 90, from west of Oak Street to Myrtle Street.

— Under I-110 overpass, between U.S. 90 and Back Bay of Biloxi

— Bayview Avenue, from Caillavet Street to Main Street.

A week or so into the project, B&B will then begin work on additional phase of the lighting, which involves seven areas and 200 lights, and is also expected to be completed by July. The areas:

—Main Street, from Water Street to Esters Boulevard.

—Lameuse Street, from U.S. 90 to Esters Boulevard.

—Reynoir Street, from U.S. 90 to Howard Avenue.

—Caillavet Street, from U.S. 90 to Esters Boulevard.

—Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard

—Esters Boulevard, from east of Main Street to Reynoir Street.

—Pass Road, from west of Fernwood Road to Stennis Drive.

“Obviously, this has been a time-consuming process to get to this point,” said City Engineer Damon Torricelli. “The biggest chore was for an engineering firm, Neel-Schaffer, to identify what was where before the storm, and then design the replacement infrastructure. After that, we went to MDOT to help with the funding. To be honest, the actual construction should be the quickest part of the entire process.”

Torricelli said driver should use caution in the work areas. Contractors are posting “Men at Work” signs, and periodic lane closures may be required in some instances.