Learn to overcome your fear of water

Do you or someone you know have a fear of being in the water? The City of Biloxi Aquatics Division wants to help.

On Saturday from 10 to 10:45 a.m. staff at the Biloxi Natatorium will open the facility to individuals age 18 and older who want to become more comfortable about being in the water.

“We live in an area that is surrounded by water and being in the swimming pool is a recreational past time,” says City of Biloxi Parks and Recreation Director Cheryl Bell. “We want to help those individuals that have that fear become more acclimated when they choose to be in the water and help guide them in ways to overcome their fear.”

Interested individuals will need to have a swimsuit, a towel, and, if available, a pair of goggles. No cotton T-shirts or shorts are allowed in the pool.

During the session, a certified water instructor will show individuals around the facility, go over some safety tips and guide individuals on techniques they can do to help keep them calm while in the water.

The session is free but space is limited so those interested will need to call the Biloxi Natatorium at 228-435-6205 to reserve a spot.  The session will take place while the facility is closed to the public, and certified lifeguards and water safety instructors will be on deck at all times. 
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