Latest state report shows impact of Biloxi casinos

Ever wonder how much money the Biloxi casino market generates in gaming taxes? And where that money goes? The latest numbers are in, and have been published by the city’s Finance Division.

Last month, according to the report public today, Biloxi’s casinos had gross gaming revenue of $78.1 million. Taxes paid: $6.2 million to the state, $1.8 million to the city, $780,000 to Harrison County, $500,000 to Biloxi Public Schools, and $250,000 to Harrison County public schools.

The Finance Department’s report also contains historical data: Since August 1992, when the first taxes were collected on gross gaming revenue, the Biloxi market has generated a total of $20.1 billion in gross gaming revenue since date. The Biloxi casinos have generated $2.45 billion in gaming taxes. The breakdown: $1.6 billion to state of Mississippi, $472 million to City of Biloxi, $183 million to Harrison County, $128 million to Biloxi Public Schools, and $64 million to Harrison County public schools.
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