Here are unsolicited responses the city has received from those who have purchased “Katrina & Biloxi.”

I just wanted to let you know that I received my Katrina DVD and book last week. And to tell you that it was well worth the wait.

I want to thank the city of Biloxi for such a wonderful production of such a sad time. It is something I will treasure always.

I have no doubt that out of the ashes will rise a new and wonderful future for your city (my home away from home). With the spirit of the Biloxi people, how could it possibly be any different?
I wish Mayor Holloway and the people of Biloxi the best in the days, weeks, and years to come.

In closing, I would like to say that I think Mayor Holloway is a wonderful example of what a leader should be. I know that he has made his people proud.

Till I step on Biloxi ground again….
God bless.
Kathy Douglas

I watched the news during that time BUT was only made aware of what the Media wanted us to know and that of course was mostly from New Orleans!I can not put into the appropriate words how it has impacted me–it was like someone who has never been a young Widow coming up to me at my first Husbands funeral and saying “I know” because they did not; and neither do I.

It has helped me put into proper perspect my day to day life and be even more thankful of what I have(even though it is snowing lightly outside and we were in summer attire this time last week).

You have the thoughts from a diverse group of people and unless I missed something somewhere(I watched it twice)I do NOT recall any of those folks blaming either the Government-State or Local- the 911 Facilities or your Mayor for the storm or their losses. That proves to me the character of the fine and upstanding citizens of your illustrious city. I also do not recall any of them DEMANDING new homes, new vehicles or money from the Government as we saw from New Orleans or playing the blame game. Proof positive that there is a higher power than you and I.

The video showed the Biloxi/Gulfport area that I once knew and the “Stranger” whom has taken their places. I can see that through the love of their City and the risiliance of their convictions that just as Atlanta was rebuilt to be bigger, stronger and better after the Civil War and so will Biloxi after Katrina!!!!

I realize too, that it will take more money and I hope that this fine documentary will help accomplish that. God helps those whose help themselves and can smile in the face of adversity and with that you folks are off to a “flying start”!

Dorothy Sanderson
Ontario, Canada

Good Morning,

Just to let you know that I did receive my DVD and book. I would also like to let you know that my husband I watched the DVD last night. We are both born and raised right here in Biloxi across the street from each other on Roy and Bowen Streets.

Of all the material out there right now, we were most touched by your DVD. We felt it touched on “the personal side” of what we have known all of lives, people that we went to school with and local places we visited often. I don’t really want to say that we enjoyed it, but it was very moving. Thank you.

Richard and Laura (Ziz) Landry

Kudos to you and your team of city employees. My book and DVD arrived today, and sitting here watching it again brings tears to my wife’s and my eyes.

The effort and time you put into this production deserves an Oscar. Maybe you should offer one to the Academy of Motion Pictures for Best Documentary.

I applaud you and the city for such a fine historical account of the devastation brought upon us by the Storm!

Taylor Dickson

I just wanted to let you know that I received my Katrina book & dvd today. They were definitely worth the wait.

As I knew it would, the DVD had me crying through much of it. It is still very hard for me to see our beautiful Gulf Coast so broken & battered; my heart continues to hurt. The segment of Biloxi before Katrina is definitely needed along with the devastation shown. We have to remember where we were, even in the years ahead when we will be a “new” Biloxi. The book is also a wonderful companion to the dvd.

Thank you & all who had a part in offering this book & dvd.
Lou Carsen

I just got my copy of the book and DVD that the city put together. I want to send my compliments to everyone involved in putting together both the book and DVD. Both were outstanding.

Your book and DVD, along with the first book put together by the Sun Herald, are currently at my office complex being circulated around for all to see. Both the City of Biloxi and the Sun Herald did an outstanding job in showing a true picture of the area before, during and after Katrina. The same will be done with the second book from the Sun Herald showing the “before and after” pictures.
I want everyone I know to understand how much the Gulf Coast was affected since most national coverage seems to focus on the New Orleans area.

My husband and I are both from the Gulf Coast and many of our family members and friends lost everything in the storm. We have aunts and uncles that lived on Crawford and Short Street and good friends that lived on Oak Street, Caillavet Street and Comfort Place.

Between my family, friends, the Sun Herald, WLOX and your website, we have been able to keep up to date on all of the news and information pertaining to the storm and its aftermath.

I was lucky enough to have visited the coast during July 2005 with some friends that have never been to the Mississippi Gulf Coast. I took them from Pascagoula to Bay St. Louis on a “grand tour”. I was able to show off my home town and, in the process, was able to get that one last look that I will always cherish. I feel that it was a “mixed blessing” as it gave me the opportunity to see it one last time….but it also made me realize just what was really lost.

We were also able to come home during the first week of December 2005 and see the area for ourselves. As detailed as the reporting is from the Sun Herald, WLOX and national news agency’s – NOTHING can equal seeing the area in person.

As proud as I was giving the tour back in July 2005 – I am even more proud as I see the spirit of the area and its people after the storm. Please keep up the good work as we look forward to seeing Biloxi and the Gulf Coast come back bigger and better than ever!

Laurie and Richard Galle
Pacheco, CA

My name is Caroline Heaps. I grew up in Biloxi, in fact my sister, Angela, works for the city of Biloxi.

I just received my copy of the book and DVD I ordered while I was down for Christmas this past December. You all did an OUTSTANDING job on the presentation. It brought tears to my eyes as I saw what Biloxi looked like before the storm, then after.

Nothing could have prepared me for the shock I felt when we drove into Biloxi in December to spend the holidays with my family! The emptiness I felt as we drove by places I remember growing up, landmarks, beautiful old homes that can NEVER be replaced. BUT…. I know that in time, Biloxi will come back and it will be better than ever!

I just want you to know that even now, more than 6 months later, people here in Montana are praying for the folks of Biloxi, Mississippi, because they know that I grew up there.

I look forward to seeing the continued progress of my home town and visiting again soon!

Blessings from my family to all of you!
Caroline (Strong) Heaps
Baker, Montana