Infrastructure: The dirt on the North Contract

Each month, the city’s Engineering Department publishes a host of maps showing progress on the infrastructure work taking place north and south of the CSX railway in East Biloxi. 

The detailed maps – eight of them in all – show water, sewer, drainage and paving status as of Feb. 13 on Oscar Renda’s work on 55 miles of streets north of the railway, and Hemphill’s work on eight miles of streets south of the railway. 

This month, the array of maps also includes a new map – the remaining dirt roads north of the railway. Those roadways include parts of several major thoroughfares: Forrest, Porter, Reynoir, and Main.

Says City Engineer Christy LeBatard: “People have heard about how the curtain is coming down on the North Contract, yet they still hear about dirt roads. This map gives them a clear understanding of the roadways that still need paving north of CSX.”
Map: See the Dirt on the North Contract
Maps: See the status on infrastructure north and south of railway
Video: See the latest progress