Holloway tells ‘Biloxi story’ to national audience

You can now see Mayor A.J. Holloway’s address to the 74th annual winter meeting of the U.S. Conference of Mayors last week in Washington, thanks to online video from the gathering.

During his 16-minute presentation, the Biloxi mayor thanked the audience of more than 300 mayors for the many calls and e-mails offering assistance in the weeks and months since the Aug. 29 storm.

Holloway also updated the mayors on the ongoing recovery effort in Biloxi, the challenges facing the city, and he described his vision of the role government should play in guiding our community. He also previewed several minutes of the city’s “Katrina & Biloxi” documentary.

Best line of the presentation: Holloway’s recounting of a conversation he had with Sen. John Warner, who was among a group of senators visiting Keesler Air Force Base in the wake of the storm. Said Holloway to the audience: “Sen. John Warner pulled me aside and said, ‘Mayor Holloway, I’m an old man. I’ve been through three wars and five wives, but I’ve never seen anything as bad as this.’ ”

To see Holloway’s presentation, click here.