Holloway seeks state of emergency declaration

Mayor A.J. Holloway, after discussing oil-spill preparations with key department heads this morning, will ask the City Council this afternoon to declare that a state of emergency exists in Biloxi as oil threatens the Biloxi shoreline.

The mayor has called a 1:30 meeting of the council this afternoon. A state of emergency declaration gives the mayor authority to take extraordinary measures to help protect life and property.

Department directors have been advised to begin preparations as if preparing for a hurricane, documenting time and preparation expenses.

Among the measures discussed this morning:

— Vessel owners are advised to trailer smaller vessels and remove them from the water if possible.

— The Mississippi Department of Marine Resources is advising crab fishermen with crab traps in the Mississippi Sound to consider the temporary removal of traps from those waters.

— The city plans to place protective booms around its public marinas and harbors.

— Public Works crews will stage barricades along key areas of the beachfront so barricades can be quickly deployed.

— The city this afternoon will begin creating an online database of volunteers and will pass along contact information regarding any training sessions for volunteers.

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Stranding hotline: Anyone seeing stranded marine mammals or sea turtles should call the Stranding Hotline at 1-888-806-1674. Callers to the recorded line should be prepared to leave their name, contact information, and location and general size of the species.

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