Holloway seeks Lighthouse Park, harbor contracts

Mayor A.J. Holloway will ask the Biloxi City Council this afternoon to add four requests to their 1:30 meeting agenda: to purchase of property directly north of the Biloxi Lighthouse, to hire an architect for the Lighthouse Park and downtown Civic Center projects, and to award a contract for dredging and reconstruction of the Biloxi Small Craft Harbor.

Federal and state hurricane recovery funds would pay for the bulk of each proejct.

Holloway will ask council members to approve the city’s purchase of property at 1056 Beach Blvd., site of a hurricane-destroyed BP service station. Purchase cost of the 19,000-square foot lot: $572,000, or about $30 per square foot.

The property would be part of the Lighthouse Park project, where a Visitors Center would be located.

The mayor will also ask the council to approve the hiring of the architectural firm Dale & Associates of Hattiesburg to design the Lighthouse Park and Visitors Center, for a fee of $447,000, and for design of the downtown Civic Center, which would be housed in the former Biloxi Public Library, across from City Hall, for a fee of $340,700.

The biggest expenditure added to the agenda would be a request to approve a $6.5 million contract with L&A Contracting Co. for a 180-day project to dredge and reconstruct the Biloxi Small Craft Harbor.

To see the existing agenda for this afternoon’s meeting, click here.