Holloway recognizes Popp’s Ferry contractors

J.W. Ford gets his mayoral designation from Mayor Holloway

William Yates speaks as Mayor Holloway prepares to present toy trucks to the firms who worked on the Popp’s Ferry project.

Biloxi, or at least property owners on Popp’s Ferry Road, got a new
mayor Wednesday morning, but the reign of J.W. Ford was a brief one.

During a ribbon-cutting ceremony to formally mark the completion of the widening
of Popp’s Ferry Road from Cedar Lake Road to the Popp’s Ferry bridge,
Mayor A.J. Holloway presented toy dump trucks to several firms involved in
the project, but he held his highest honor for the day-to-day superintendent
of the job, Yates Construction Co.’s J.W. Ford.

“Before we cut the ribbon, I have someone else I want to recognize,” Holloway
said during a Wednesday morning ceremony in front of the Margaret Sherry library. “This
person was out here overseeing this job everyday, ran or shine. He dealt with
a lot of issues before they became issues, and I know what he had to deal with.”

Holloway called Ford forward at the outdoor ceremony before about 30 or so
elected leaders and contractors and read him a framed order, making him the
Mayor of Popp’s Ferry Road – with his term ending with the dedication
of the road, which occurred seconds later.

Holloway said Ford was instrumental in the multi-million project being completed
15 months a head of schedule and slightly under budget.

Quipped the mayor: “I don’t have much hair, but I wouldn’t
have any if J.W. wouldn’t have been out here overseeing this massive

Others who were recognized
at the brief ceremony:

  • Yates Construction Co.:
    William Yates, Chet Nadolski, Todd Bradford, Ford and Cam Roberds.
  • Biloxi Public Works
    Department leaders: Richard Sullivan and Damon Torricelli.
  • Neel-Schaffer engineering
    firm, designers of the road: Craig High and Brian Fulton.
  • Dirtworks, Inc: Murray
    Moran and Luke Moran.
  • Warren Paving: Steven
  • Sumrall’s Construction:
    Artice Sumrall.
  • B&B Electrical & Utility
    Co.: Gene Powell.
  • J.L. McCool Contractors:
    Ricky McCool.
  • P.S.I.: Mike Biglane.