Holloway outlines commercial, public construction projects

Mayor A.J. Holloway outlined more than $100 million in public and private construction this morning for a standing room-only audience at a Biloxi Chamber of Commerce gathering.

Holloway listed more than $80 million in projects either under construction or permitted throughout the city, while the engineer overseeing the city’s massive infrastructure project described the $20 million in utility work underway right now, and told of $30 million more that will be underway in the next several weeks.

Holloway noted that three of Biloxi’s projects — the Hard Rock expansion, the Santa Maria Del Mar apartments and the new Beauvoir library — accounted for the bulk of Biloxi’s permitted valuation, but projects were spread throughout the city.

He noted a new Alzheimer’s center being built on Brodie Road, new churches being built on west beach and on Popp’s Ferry Road, a new veterinary clinic on Oaklawn Road, the restoration of the White Pillars restaurant, and a new pediatric clinic being built at Division and Lameuse Streets.

The mayor noted that new subdivisions in Woolmarket and in north Biloxi will account for 250 new lots, and more than $300 million in new commercial construction was in the works with the Golden Nugget’s planned upgrades at the Isle, an expansion of the Biloxi Boardwalk Marina, new apartments on Popp’s Ferry Road, and a new
VFW on Veterans Avenue.

Meantime, Marvin G. Dalla Rosa, the project manager with infrastructure firm HNTB, told audience members that while most of the infrastructure construction work has been in west and north Biloxi, work is in the offing for east Biloxi and west beach.

More than $215 million will be invested in infrastructure between I-110 and Point Cadet, while more than $30 million will be spent on west beach.

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