Holloway moves forward with construction management

Mayor A.J. Holloway will be meeting with representatives of W.G. Yates and Sons Construction Co. this week to outline timetables and bid packages for the construction of a new Bayview Avenue.

In his State of the City address in January, Holloway said he hoped to see construction begin on Bayview in April.

The multi-million-dollar project, which will include three bridges, will provide a four-lane thoroughfare between Oak Street and a previously reconstructed section of Bayview near Interstate 110. The new road will be part of a traffic loop linking Oak, a new Caillavet Street and U.S 90 to help move traffic throughout east Biloxi.

The Army Corps of Engineers approved the Bayview Avenue project Feb. 8.

For the project, the city obtained 46 pieces of property. The city paid more than $2.1 million to acquire rights of way and had seven parcels donated.

The City Council on Tuesday approved 6-1 an agreement in which Yates would oversee traffic improvement projects at Bayview and Popp’s Ferry Road.

“I want to thank those members of the council who supported this bold concept,” Holloway said. “We’re breaking ground on major transportation projects, and I’m looking forward to getting actual construction started and keeping it on time and on budget.”

Under the construction-management plan as recommended by Holloway, Yates will divide the job into several components or bid packages for contractors. Yates will then be responsible for overseeing the overall project.

Holloway hopes the city will begin advertising for bids at the second meeting in March and begin awarding contracts in April.