Holloway: Monitor weather reports, review your plan

Residents and business owners should continue to monitor weather reports and review their storm plans and supplies as forecasts for Tropical Storm Debby continue to shift, Mayor A.J. Holloway said Sunday.

“This storm does not appear to be a threat to us at this time,” Holloway said. “This is a good time to review your storm plan, to make a plan if you don’t have one. Check your storm kit, and make sure that you have the essentials in that storm kit.”

The latest reports, the mayor said, say the storm could strike the Florida coast.

“As far as city preparations, we’re doing the same thing that we’re asking residents to do: Monitor weather reports. Think about the action you’ll take if and when you’re asked to take action.

“It’s like we’ve always said: Don’t be scared; be prepared.”

Holloway didn’t expect the storm to threaten this week’s Mississippi Municipal League convention in Biloxi. The annual gathering traditionally attracts thousands of municipal leaders and exhibitors from across the state. It is one of the Coast’s largest annual conventions.

Said the mayor: “Folks will certainly be watching the weather and our prayers will certainly be with whatever community is threatened by this storm.”

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