City to preview next phase of infrastructure work

Mayor Andrew “FoFo” Gilich has said it more than once before he was elected and several times since: When the city’s massive infrastructure project moves south of the CSX Railway, it’s not going to be as disruptive as the work north of the railway, it’s going to better controlled, and, he’s fond of saying, “it’s a new ballgame, my ballgame.”

And now kickoff is approaching for the $23 million, 800-day project.

In fact, construction on Phase 1 of the South Contract – which will cover the area from Seashore Methodist to I-110 south of the CSX railway – will begin in January, and residents and businesses in the project area can get an overview of the work during an information meeting on Wednesday, Dec. 13 at 5:30 p.m. at the Biloxi Visitors Center. 

Those in the project area – about 400 homes and businesses – will be receiving a postcard this week with the particulars on the work, contact information for the contractor and city staff, and details about the Visitors Center briefing. City staff and contractor Hemphill Contractors will be on hand to give an overview of the project.

Among the safeguards the city added to the contract:  There are limitations on where and when a contractor can work, an effort to avoid the situation of the north contract, where many of the 55 miles of roads have been reduced to dirt for months. 

“We also have specifications that limit the amount of time that a contractor would have to start work once a road has been torn up,” Gilich said.  “And they are to be 75 percent complete and must have city permission before moving to another area.”

Despite the provisions in the contract, residents, business owners and motorists will still encounter road closures and detours. “To be clear,” the postcard to residents reads, “the work will impact nearly every street within these boundaries, but not at the same time.”
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News and notes: Weekly report, county preview, mall restaurant

The week that was: Calls for service last week increased in the the Biloxi Fire and Police departments with the Fire Department responding to 176 calls, including 106 medical emergencies and six for fires and the Police Department responding to 2,368 calls for service.  Elsewhere last week, the Community Development Department issued 40 permits for a total construction valuation of $400,000 and the Engineering Department continued to progress on projects throughout the city.  To see the reports covering last week, click here. 

City Council: The Biloxi City Council meets Tuesday at 6 p.m. at Biloxi City Hall.  The agenda includes three zoning issues,  a measure to hire a well-known lobbyist to work exclusively for Biloxi at the state and federal capitols, and a resolution to upgrade the city’s network of tornado and hurricane warning sirens.  To see the full agenda and supporting documents, click here.



News and notes multi-media bonus: Parades. swimming, auction

Children’s parade: The annual Christmas on the Water Children’s Parade rolled through downtown Biloxi Friday evening with more than 100 young schoolchildren.  To see images from the event, click here.

Arts and crafts: The 13th annual Christmas in the City festival was held in downtown Biloxi on Saturday with dozens of arts, crafts, jewelry and food vendors.  To see images from the festivities, click here.

Boat parade video clip:  Decorated boats paraded along the Mississippi Sound on Saturday evening for the annual Christmas on the Water boat parade.  To see an illuminating video, click here.

Boat parade, fireworks:  To see photos of the boat parade and fireworks show, click here.

Santa swims: The Biloxi Elite Swim Team hosted its annual Santa’s Best swim meet over the weekend at the Biloxi Natatorium.  Nearly 500 swimmers from across the south participated, and Mayor Andrew “FoFo” Gilich presented B.E.S.T. with a proclamation commemorating the team’s 10th anniversary. To see images from the Natatorium, click here.

And finally, storage wars Biloxi-style:  Nearly $70,000 was taken in during the public auction of surplus and seized property. Among the deals: a late-model BMW for $2,700 and a Jaguar for $700. But the real show was auctioneer Nick Clark.  To see a 10-minute video of the colorful auctioneer in his element Saturday, click here.