Grand Forks extends helping hand to Biloxi

Congressman Earl Pomeroy (D-ND), along with Grand Forks (N.D.) Mayor Mike Brown, will lead a group of Grand Forks’ community leaders to Biloxi Nov. 18.

During the visit the group will share valuable experience, gained during the 1997 flood of Grand Forks, with Biloxi city leaders as the city continues to recover from Hurricane Katrina.

“When such a tragic event happens in our country, we all want to help,” said Pomeroy. “Although the Grand Forks flood did not reach the magnitude of the catastrophe in the Gulf region, the best way we can help is by sharing our experience with Biloxi to help it recover.”

Grand Forks, North Dakota was struck by a severe flood in 1997 when the Red River broke the dikes and flooded the city, forcing 90 percent of the population to evacuate.

The flood caused nearly one billion dollars in damages but thankfully no lives were lost. Since then, the city has rebounded with support from all levels of government and tremendous community dedication.

“After the flood, Grand Forks received an unbelievable amount of support. Now we have the opportunity to echo that by offering a long-term commitment to help them navigate the road to recovery,” said Mayor Mike Brown.

While in Mississippi, the group will be hosted by Congressman Gene Taylor and Biloxi Mayor A.J. Holloway.

“I greatly appreciate the outpouring of support from the people of Grand Forks. Their compassion in the wake of Hurricane Katrina will not be forgotten here in South Mississippi,” said Taylor.

“Their expertise in disaster recovery has been, and will continue to be, an invaluable resource.”

Joining Rep. Pomeroy and Mayor Brown will be City Council President Hal Gershman, City Council Member Curt Kreun and former Recovery Coordinator Ken Vein.

Press contact: Stephanie Craig, Press Secretary for Congressman Earl Pomeroy
(202) 225-2611