Gilich nominates Blessey as city attorney

Gerald Blessey

Gerald Blessey

Mayor Andrew “FoFo” Gilich next week will ask the Biloxi City Council to approve the appointment of former Mayor Gerald Blessey as city attorney.

Blessey has practiced law in Biloxi for 49 years, with several intervals for public service, and received his Juris Doctor degree from the University of Mississippi Law School and Master of Laws degree from Harvard Law School.

“Gerald brings a wealth of institutional experience to our team,” Gilich said. “He is uniquely and imminently qualified. He’s a two-term mayor, a former legislator, he shares my vision and love for this city, and he’s going to help ensure that our legal services are cost-efficient without diminishing our quality of service.”

Additionally, Gilich said, Blessey is going to help “in accelerating 21st Century economic development in the city through strategic planning and creative grant writing, as well as innovative business recruitment and expansion of existing businesses.”

Gilich and Blessey worked together for the city in the 1980s, when Blessey, as mayor, tapped Gilich to computerize the city’s accounting and financial tracking systems.

The Blessey resolution will be included on the agenda for the City Council’s Tuesday meeting. the agenda will be online later this morning.
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