Gilich gives blueprint for future of Biloxi

Andrew “FoFo” Gilich this evening received four standing ovations from an inauguration ceremony audience of nearly 700, including three former mayors. And then he delivered his speech, which prompted a fifth ovation.

Gilich, who succeeds Biloxi’s longest-serving Mayor A.J. Holloway, gave his enthusiastic audience a blueprint of his vision for Biloxi: economic development initiatives, focusing on re-populating east Biloxi, a commitment to protecting the mission and improving the security of Keesler Air Force Base, and a promise to honor commitments to the Woolmarket community, an area that became part of Biloxi more than a decade ago.

During his address, which was under seven minutes long, Gilich sounded themes that rang throughout his mayoral campaign: His love for Biloxi (“I am Biloxi”), and how the city’s history parallels his own background.

“I am a proud product of Biloxi, descended from a long line of hard-working immigrants   who reached for, and lived the American Dream,” he declared. “I stand here today in honor of my parents, who taught me to have faith in my God, my city, and my country.  They taught me how to succeed.

“And it’s a lesson I plan to apply in the mayor’s office.”

He also said he looked forward to working with the Biloxi City Council, which included four of the original 10 candidates for mayor.

“Before the first election, there were rumors at least four of them didn’t support me,” he said to laughter. “But I’m sure that wasn’t true! It was an interesting campaign, to say the least. I consider myself blessed to stand before you now as mayor of Biloxi. I am humbled and honored. I am determined to do my best for my hometown. As I’ve said many times, it’s all about Biloxi.”

He later added:

“I plan to work closely with the City Council to address the vital issues before us in a timely way. As my family and friends will tell you, I love to talk. Sometimes too much, always too fast!  I believe in two-way communication, and I want the council to know that I believe we have a partnership.

“My plans require a team effort. We have the City Council and the quality of employees to ensure success. All I need, and all I ask, is the public’s support. Remember, ‘We are Biloxi!'”
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