Get this: Katrina story is helping fight homelessness

A new holiday project by the Open Doors Homeless Coalition is using Hurricane Katrina to help fight homelessness on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Through an arrangement with the City of Biloxi and Ohr-O’Keefe Museum of Art, the Open Doors Homeless Coalition, an advocacy group dedicated to ending homelessness, is offering to ship two Katrina books and DVDs to family members and friends across the country this holiday season.

Cost of the two books and DVDs – “Katrina & Biloxi” and “Katrina +10” – is $25 and is available online through the Open Doors Coalition, and shipping is free. Those interested should visit the secure site at

“How ironic and great is this?” declared Patti Guider of the Open Doors Homeless Coalition. “The award-winning books and DVDs about our experience with Katrina are now going to benefit the Mississippi Gulf Coast efforts to fight homelessness – and on top of that these two books and DVDs are a great holiday keepsake for your friends and family across the country.

“All you have to do is go online, order it securely, and we handle the rest. You’re spreading the Christmas spirit, telling our inspirational story and fighting homelessness.”

Meantime: You can still buy over-the-counter commemorative sets of “Katrina & Biloxi” and “Katrina +10” at the Biloxi Visitors Center, Ohr-O’Keefe Museum of Art and the Maritime & Seafood Industry Museum.