FY ’16 audit: Revenue $1.5 million more than expenses

The city’s recently released audit for Fiscal Year 2016 is a detailed, 152-page document, full of graphs, balance sheets, spreadsheets and text, but Chief Administrative Officer Mike Leonard says there are a couple of facts that are especially important.

“To put it simply,” Leonard said, “city revenues for the period were $1.5 million higher than expenses, which allowed our actual cash reserves to grow. The city’s overall net position was stable, and this was reflected by the most recent Standard & Poor’s bond rating of AA-, which indicates a stable financial position.”

The annual audit, actually called the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (or “caff-ra”), provides an accurate and complete financial position of the city, as of Sept. 30, 2016, the end of the most recent fiscal year. It’s a financial snapshot in time.

Perhaps the most important part of the CAFR is its overview, known as a Letter of Transmittal. This 10-page highlight shows 10-year trends in key municipal economic indicators: revenue from sales, gaming and property taxes; building permits and their valuations.

The CAFR is shared with credit-rating agencies, regulators and those interested in a detailed financial analysis of the city. In fact, one of those agencies, Standard & Poor’s Financial Services, in February affirmed the city’s excellent credit rating of “AA-/Stable,” based on the city’s economy, financial management and ability to pay its debt.  An AA rating is the second highest on a 10-point scale, which ranges from AAA to D, and an AA rating, S&P says, differs from the highest rating “only to a small degree.”
See the Letter of Transmittal
See the entire Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
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Billfish news and notes

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