Flood insurance reminders to be mailed citywide

The City of Biloxi next week is sending property owners a postcard reminding them of the benefits of having flood insurance and that the time to purchase flood insurance is now, more than a month before June 1, when hurricane season begins.

Mayor A.J. Holloway acknowledged that some residents may question why the city is sending such a notice, particularly where property owners lost their homes to Hurricane Katrina.

The postcard, Holloway explained, is one of the city’s responsibilities as a member of the National Flood Insurance Program.

“Biloxi residents have seen the cost of their flood-insurance premiums reduced by 15 percent in the past several years because of our efforts to educate them on ways to minimize the risk of damage from flooding,” Holloway said. “In order to maintain those discounts for our residents, we’re mandated to do these things each year.

“Plus, as many have learned, having flood insurance is a good thing to have.”

This year, the city is again sending a revised version of a notice that was sent to residents in April 2005, months before Hurricane Katrina. To see the updated notice, which shows before-and-after photos of a flooded area, plus a post-Katrina photo of the same area,
click here.

Police to host fish fry to benefit Special Olympics

The Bmen and women of the Biloxi Police Department will host one of their most popular events, the Special Olympics Fish Fry, on Friday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Lopez-Quave Public Safety Center.

The $5-per-plate menu includes fish or hamburger plates, with potato salad, baked beans and roll.

Advance orders may be placed at 435-6124 or those interested may dine in at Lopez-Quave Public Safety Center, which is two blocks north of the Biloxi Lighthouse. Delivery is available for orders of five or more plates.

All proceeds benefit Special Olympics of South Mississippi.

To print a flier about the fish fry, click here.