Fire Operations

The Operations Division is the largest division of the Biloxi Fire Department.  The responsibilities of the division are vital to the safety and well-being of the citizens of Biloxi and include: daily maintenance, continuing education and skills practice; structural firefighting; vehicular accidents and extrication; elevator entrapments; medical emergencies; vehicle fires (including electric vehicles being a new threat to the fire service).

Another part of the Operations Division is Special Operations. This involves responses to emergencies such as water rescues resulting from severe weather (storm surge, flash flooding, and river flooding); the Rapid Intervention Team; structural collapse rescues (entrapments); confined space fescue; high rise response; trench rescue (trench collapses); rope rescue; hazardous materials emergencies; response to lost/missing persons and active shooter incidents.  These responses are performed by members of the department with advanced technical training, some of whom are members of the Mississippi Office of Homeland Security’s Task Force.