Fire Chief: The virus has hit home for me

The authorities are advising no groups of 10 or more, but Fire Chief Joe Boney, in today’s video update, has a question: Why would you want to be in ANY group at this time?

Boney said the three Biloxi firefighters who have been found to have the virus are recovering at home. “As I knew it would, this virus has hit home for me,” the chief said in the five-minute video. “I have spoken with each of our firefighters, and they are at home recovering. I’m proud of the job the Biloxi Fire Department does every day and we are continuing to do that job just as we always have — with a few changes that you will notice.”

Boney updated today’s numbers from the Mississippi State Department of Health: 758 positives in the state, an increase of 95 from Saturday after an increase of 84 the day before that. The state health department is not announcing the numbers of tests because it is unknown how many tests are being conducted by private labs. Fourteen people have died across the state.

And he had a warning that cases would continue to climb: “Make no mistake there are more out there. Someone in your family or a co-worker could have it.

“Shelter in place. Travel only when necessary. Respect social distances. Stay six feet away from others. They say do not have groups of 10 or more, but, really, why would you want to be in ANY group at this time?

“When you are careless or irresponsible you put everybody at risk — you, your family, everyone you come in contact with. The elderly and those with weakened immune systems should be especially cautious.

“Follow through on the advice we’re giving you. Be smart.”
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