FAA: Drone operators should be aware of regulations

The FAA has asked the Biloxi Police Department to be on the lookout for unauthorized drones and question operators, especially during upcoming Mardi Gras parades or any other large events.

“Essentially what we’ve been told is that there are regulations involving the use of drones, which the FAA considers aircraft,” Police Chief John Miller said. “And they’ve notified us that it’s our responsibility to take appropriate action in the interest of public safety.”

An FAA official briefed Biloxi officers this week about drone regulations. Drones must be registered with the FAA, and the craft must bear registration numbers.

Among the other regulations: Drone operators must notify any base or airport within five miles, no flying over people, no flying over moving traffic, no flying at night, no flying beyond the operator’s line of sight and no flying above 400 feet.

Said Miller: “The FAA has notified us that they can grant waivers for some of these regulations, but when officers see a drone they will be asking for documentation. They’re taking this very seriously.”
See the FAA regulations on drones