Enhancements underway near Lighthouse

Contractors are working towards a November deadline to complete the expansion of the public parking lot south of the Biloxi Lighthouse.

The project, part of Mayor Andrew “FoFo” Gilich’s vision to revamp the area for the Fred Haise monument, will see more than one hundred new public parking spaces and a flag pole. The expansion will increase the number of parking from 78 public parking spaces to 182, including 12 handicapped spaces.

The nearly $530,000 project is being completed by Je Talley Construction and work is set finish the second week of November.

Over at the Biloxi Lighthouse, the landscaping has received some sprucing up. Last week, the palmettos and shrubs were removed, excess sand that had accumulated in the area has been cleared away, and new Bermuda grass has been installed. The area now has a smoother look.

As for the installation of the Fred Haise statue and dedication ceremony, a date will be set after the completion of the parking lot.

Added Gilich: “These projects add to the areas and provide a more welcoming front door to our city.”  

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