Employees acknowledged for years of service

Mayor Andrew “FoFo” Gilich recognized a host of city employees today for their  years of service to the city.

Those recognized during the City Council meeting this afternoon were:

35 years of service: Alcus Stockstill, Public Works Department

25 years of service: Andrew Balius, Community Development Department; and Nicholas Sonnier, Police Department

20 years of service: Michael Brumley and Louis Moran, Police Department; and Carlton Reed, Public Works Department

15 years of service: Michelle Wescovich, Council Department; John Salisbury, Engineering Department; Derrick Gates, Kasey Kleinman, Edgar Morales, Stephen Reed, Christopher Thibodeaux, and Otto Vuyovich, Fire Department; and Brenda Beaver, Legal Department; April Copeland, Brian Dykes, Karen Ibele, and Scott Radovich, Police Department; and David Handler, Public Works Department

10 years of service: Laurie Rosetti, Administration; Jeffrey Taranto, Community Development; James Parker and Candice Woods, Police Department; and Norman Fowler, James Keenum, Christopher Peterson, Public Works Department

5 years of service:  Alvin Baker, Administration (Port)
See images from the council meeting