Elections 2013: An early primer

p>The exact locations of the ward lines may still be in a flux, but everything you need to know about the upcoming city elections – at least, at this point – is now on the city website on the Voter Info page.

Elections 2013Just click on the Elections 2013 icon on the front page of the website to visit the Voter Info page, where you also find a list of candidates that will be updated as needed. Those interested in running for public office have until March 8 to file their paperwork at City Hall.

The city, meantime, continues to await word from the U.S. Department of Justice regarding the proposed new ward lines. Until then, Municipal Clerk Stacy Thacker is filing paperwork using the existing ward lines and advising potential candidates about the possible change in ward lines.

To see background on that issue, an election timetable and a list of candidates who have filed paperwork with the municipal clerk as of today, click here.