Development report: Shopping center, Arbor Landing

This column was unavailable last week.

By Jerry Creel, Community Development Director

This week in economic development comes an announcement about a 70.4 acre shopping center proposed for the southeast corner of Shriners Boulevard and Woolmarket Road. Although we have not received site plans for the development, a Wetlands Impact Application has been filed with the Army Corp of Engineers. We will release additional information as it becomes available. Also this week, we are completing the building plans review for the Arbor Landing Apartments to be located on the north side of Popp’s Ferry Road next to Lauren Falls Subdivision. This 218 unit complex should obtain building permits and begin construction within the next 30 days.

The White House Hotel is scheduled to open on Friday August 1 to a very excited crowd. The demolition of the old Margaritaville structure on the south side of Beach Boulevard is complete and the contractor is removing the remaining rubble from the Harrah’s site.  With the announcement of the closing of the Margaritaville Casino,  we are continuing to work with the Mississippi Development Authority for the grant funding to extend Bay View Boulevard to 5th Street. The expansion planned for Biloxi Boardwalk Resort should more than meet the minimum eligibility requirement for the economic development necessary to qualify for the grant.