Development committee to review baseball stadium

The city’s Development Review Committee will get its first look at the proposed downtown baseball stadium and how it will be situated on the Caillavet street site during a meeting Wednesday morning at 9.

The DRC meetings, which are held at the Community Development Department, are a one-stop forum for developers to meet with key city personnel to discuss land-use or zoning issues that may be associated with proposed development. The city’s Public Works, Police, Fire, and Community Development departments are represented at the meetings.

Architect Leigh Jaunsen of the firm Dale Partners, who also designed the city’s Visitors and Civic centers, will be making the stadium presentation.

Also on the DRC agenda will be presentations for a Walmart neighborhood market on Pass Road and Phase 2 of Malpass Landing Subdivision, on Brasher Road.

The agenda: To see the DRC agenda, click here.

The renderings: To see renderings of the stadium, as released in May, click here.

Some are receiving late water bills in Biloxi

A third of Biloxi’s water bills are going out late this month, but the bills will also have a later due date to make up for the late bill.

The city bills its 13,417 customers in three cycles, and a snag in a computer system caused Cycle 1 — nearly 3,700 bills — to go out last week, 10 days later than usual. The first cycle has a normal due date of the 15th of each month, but the due date has been extended until the 25th for that particular cycle.

Cycles 2 and 3 – with 4,745 and 5,000 customers respectively — are being sent out on time, with their usual due dates. Cycle 1 will return to its normal dates in November.