Detailed updates available on road work

The city’s Public Works Department is now publishing detailed monthly reports on the infrastructure work in east Biloxi, providing residents an easy-to-read status report on work in their particular neighborhood.

The reports, in map form, are based on the monthly pay requests from contractor Oscar Renda Contracting, which means they will show progress for the previous month.

“The first report is for the month of October,” said Acting City Engineer Christy Lebatard, “but Mayor Gilich has made it clear he wants us on track to have these reports the 15th of each month to show the progress from the previous month. We’re also working to make the reports even more detailed as we move forward.”

The new reports specific to the three-year east Biloxi work are in addition to overall, citywide Restore Biloxi reports compiled monthly by HNTB, the firm that is overseeing the $355 million Restore Biloxi infrastructure program.
See the Restore Biloxi page and the reports


News and notes

Podcast: Chief Administrative Officer David Nichols discusses the two hot topics before the City Council this week — East Biloxi roads and short-term rentals – and you’ll get a preview of this weekend’s Christmas events in this week’s “City Desk” podcast. To listen to the program, click here.

Streets work: For a look at the number of streets under repair and detour routes, and to see a link to MDOT traffic cameras, click here.

Council meeting: The next scheduled meeting of the Biloxi City Council is Dec. 15 at 1:30 p.m. The agenda for the meeting will be published online the Friday before the meeting.