ROW Excavation Permits and Fill Permits

The Engineering Department in cooperation with the Community Development Department reviews requests to excavate in the City rights-of-way or easement and requests to fill any private property in accordance with accordance with City of Biloxi Code of Ordinances Section 17-2-10 Street Trenching and ROW Management and Section 8 - Flood Damage Prevention. Excavation and fill permits are the only two permits that the Engineering Department has a role in.  Residents and contractors are encouraged to contact the Community Development Department to ensure there are no additional permits required prior to the commencement of work on public or private property. 
ROW Excavation Permits
In order to mitigate damage to public and private utilities installed underground, the City of Biloxi has adopted a ROW Management ordinance.  Ordinance Section 17-2-10, makes it unlawful for any person to open, excavate, cut, trench, bore, tunnel, undermine, or dig under any public street, public place, or right-of-way without first having obtained a permit.  This includes the removal or installation of any pipe, conduit, duct, tunnel, utility pole, or other facility.  Below you will find the permit application and guidance on requirements to obtain the permit.  
Excavation Permit Requirements                                                        Excavation Permit Application
Fill Permits
The City of Biloxi has adopted a Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance in order to minimize flood losses that are caused by the cumulative effect of obstructions that could cause erosion or high waters resulting in damages to public and private property.  One aspect of that ordinance it controlling the filling, grading, dredging and other development that may increase erosion or flooding.  This is managed by the City through the issuance of Fill Permits.  Below you will find the permit application and guidance on requirements to obtain the permit.
If you have any questions or need assistance applying for these permits, please feel free to contact the Engineering Department at 228-435-6269 or